Two little ducks went to Multi Twinning in Leipzig…

Written by Katri Suutari & Ringa Masalin, JCI Aurajoki / Antje Dominiak & Falk Hoffmann, JCI Leipzig / Melanie Nolte, JCI Frankfurt / Sébastien Bosse-Platière, JCI Lyon


… and returned with new ideas, experiences and contacts.


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Multi Twinning is essentially partnering up with JC’s from different chapters around the world. Multi Twinning partnership between JCI Aurajoki in Turku, Birmingham, Budapest, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Lyon and JCI Esja in Reykjavik provides easy networking possibilities for members of each chapter. Our Multi Twinning chapters have a tradition of holding a Multi Twinning event once a year. Each chapter is taking turns in organizing the event over a long weekend. Multi Twinning get-together of 2015 was organized by JCI Leipzig 29th October – 1st November 2015.

The trigger for a member to participate the Multi Twinning meeting might be to visit the city, where the event is held. In Leipzig we took a bus tour around the city, visited the Monument to the Battle of the nations and the amazing Leipzig Zoo. We also got to know the inspiring Leipzig Cotton mill industry area, which nowadays is filled with galleries, studios, restaurants – and pubs we got to know well during the B2B (bar-to-bar).

For some members Multi Twinning could be interesting from business perspectives. We got to know the business and history of the Leipzig area by visiting the city hall and chamber of commerce. Typically Multi Twinning event contains a company visit. This time we visited local company BFMC, who has developed computer-supported systems for body balance and body power control. Those systems allow analysis of the body’s motion and strength capabilities, which can be utilized in more efficient training of athletes or treatment of patients. Very inspirational and definitely something you would not come across without Multi Twinning.

Multi Twinning offers also a third option – possibility of making new friends. By spending the weekend in a compact group, you cannot help getting to know your fellow JC’s really well. In the relaxed atmosphere of the event it is easy to connect with people and get long lasting contacts. These events often provide you a possibility for home-hospitality accommodation. What would be a better way to get to know your host and everyday life in that city.

Multi Twinning 2015 event in Leipzig brought us also bunch of ideas on how to develop our Multi Twinning co-operation further. What the Multi Twinning in 2016 will look like depends on all of us. We wish it to be a balanced combination of being active citizens, sharing good ideas and having lots of fun together!


Written by

Katri Suutari & Ringa Masalin, JCI Aurajoki

Antje Dominiak & Falk Hoffmann, JCI Leipzig

Melanie Nolte, JCI Frankfurt

Sébastien Bosse-Platière, JCI Lyon


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