President’s Summer Day was loaded with pirates and internationality

ARR! Pirates landed on the coast of Uittamo.

This year’s President’s Summer Day theme was ”Pirates of the Pool”. Since Ducks are daring and adventurous species most of the guest took the challenge and plunged into the realm of Pirates and almost 60 pirates were gathered together on the shores of Uittamo.

Pirates from JCI Aurajoki, Espoon Nuorkauppakamari – JCI ESPOO , JCI Cosmopolis and faraway countries (from our Multitwinning chapters) Wirtschaftsjunioren / JCI Frankfurt, JCI Esja in Reykjavik, JCI Leipzig and JCI Lyon enjoyed harmonious and relaxed sunny Sunday at the Uittamon Paviljonki on 12th of June. To honor our Multitvinning chapter’s attendants official language of The President’s Summer Day was, for the first time, english.

President’s Summer Day was traditionally  hosted by Aurajoki JCI trial members. Trial members arranged entertainment to suit all pirates, regardless of age: treasure hunt, bouncy castle, swords fighting, mölkky, darts, photobooth, good food, drinks, music and on top of all that hugging with Captain Seppo Ankka.

And as a Pirate would say

  • We had a ruckas, thank ye! – We had fun, thank you!
  • Spy wit’ ye eye ye – See you next year!


presidentssummerday2016_rkylaheiko_Seppo A

Seppo ”Captain of Mighty Ducks”



ARR, Pirates of the Pool welcome ye all, cheers!


Uittamon Paviljonki filled with pirates on a traditional President's Summer Day

Uittamon Paviljonki filled with pirates on a traditional President’s Summer Day 12.6.2016


Maarit ja seppo_rajattu

JCI Aurajoki’s president Maarit Hurme aka ”Mama O’Bailey” and Seppo ”Captain of Mighty Ducks”


Halttunen family JPn foto

JCI Aurajoki’s COM Sanna Halttunen-Välimaa and her family


Jolly grub - good food for all hungry pirates

Samuli and Inna ”Jolly grub” – good food for all hungry ducks and pirates


Heidi ja jengi_JPn foto

President Maarit Hurme welcomed everyone to President’s Summer Day


Skidit JPn kuva

Kid’s having fun in a bouncy castle



Sword fight


Irene ja Jussi_2

Irene and Jussi



Hi-ho mates



Finnish summer party is not finnish summer party without Mölkky tournament



Some pirates went fishing



Who will be the Commandant of the darts



Juju Gviniashvili Mercury, Seppo Ankka ja Jaakko Laakso


Pres Maarit Hurme and her family: parrot girls and pirate husband @RiikkaKyläheiko

Pres Maarit Hurme and her family: parrot girls and pirate husband



Martin Nordell aka Captain ”all the rum is gone”



Ahoy! Fierce pirates Heidi aka ”Dora”, Ringa aka ”Ducking Seagull”, Katri aka ”Sally the Sea Dancer” and Matti on their way to conquer the seas of Multitwinning


presidentssummerday2016_rkylaheiko_Ankka look

New JCI Aurajoki’s Duck look by Herrainpukimo, scarfs for ladies and handkerchief for gentlemans


MT vieraat_photobooth-33

Our guests from far faraway lands – Pirates from our Multi twinning chapters Wirtschaftsjunioren / JCI Frankfurt, JCI Esja in Reykjavik, JCI Leipzig and JCI Lyon.



Pirates of Aurajoki JCI



Aye Aye! President’s Summer Day was hosted by JCI Aurajoki’s trial members. Thanks mates!



Photos by Riikka Kyläheiko, Jukka-Pekka Paajanen and Marjo Leino

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