Going international in Strategy Academy

JCI is full of international opportunities. Members might think that you have to go abroad to get involved in international activities. That’s not the only option. Strategy Academy which takes place in August  17th-19th, 2018 in Kuusamo is one example of the other option.

Are you interested to deepen you strategy knowledge and network internationally? Check out the website www.strategyacademy.fi and apply by 30th May 2018!

What is Strategy Academy?

Strategy Academy brings together JCI members who want to develop their knowledge and skills on strategic leadership and functional strategy communication, participatory strategy implementation and follow-up at a larger scale. The training offers the participants simple methods and ready-to-use tools to complete strategy work successfully. Important in this academy is that the skills and tools can be used not only in the organizational strategy work but they are also applicable to work-life environment.

Strategy Academy is a training for jaycees from every JCI area who wonder how to accomplish national strategy process in their own country, or who are working with or aiming at strategic leadership positions at work environment.  The main target groups are national presidents, the officers being responsible for taking the strategy process forward, and jaycees who are eager to develop themselves as future’s strategic leaders within JCI or at work-life.

The training weekend consists of professional strategy key notes, intensive teamwork based on the previously mentioned topics and team building. The trainers and key notes have strong background in strategic work and training. One of the trainers actually is our very own duck Martin Nordell, who no doubt is one of the true strategy gurus amongst Finnish jaycees. He has not only coached hundreds of organizations in strategy work but is also D.Sc. in Strategic Management.

Why Strategy Academy?

JCI Finland has a strong background in strategy work on local, regional and national level. JCI Finland and the new Strategy 2020 – from inside circle to everybody’s lips, was the best national growth and development program -winner in JCI Europe in 2017. Our expertise in strategic working is something JCI Finland will now be sharing for the use of other JCI countries and active members.

The training competence is also one of the unique strengths JCI Finland has. Strategy Academy is one way to offer our members international opportunities to share their knowledge and develop themselves by training their fellow jaycees.

The highly valued Finnish Strategia! training has been held many times over the years. Strategy Academy is partly a continuation of that training and it goes even deeper in themes of leading participatory strategy process, implementing strategy and following up the process.

Who are the people behind the Strategy Academy?

The organizing team involves people from all over Finland. The work started in March 2017 with a small team headed by JCI Finland Senior Advisor Sanna-Riikka Valtonen (JCI Oulu). Three other team members were chosen by application and they are Tiina Naskali (JCI Central Park), who currently leads the work as JCI Finland Senior Advisor, Hanne Nuutinen (JCI Central Park) and Ringa Masalin (JCI Aurajoki). Irene Lamberg (JCI Lohja), JCI Finland Senior Advisor, was invited to join the project team. The team grew up with various people in autumn 2017 when JCI Kuusamo was nominated as the chapter responsible for offering the facilities for the training weekend, and when Joonas Mäki (JCI Kankaanpää) joined us to coordinate marketing.

During the journey we have planned everything from the very beginning, starting by drafting the project plan, coordinating the application process of locally organizing chapter, planning and realizing marketing, coordinating the application process of team trainers etc. Together with Hanne Nuutinen I have been responsible for the actual training contents and everything related to that. What we have done during the last year is building up the contents, schedule and working methods in detailed level as well as contacting potential trainers and keynotes, and much more. I am currently responsible for preparing the pool of potential team trainers for the weekend and related communication. That means planning and organizing the online training sessions for the team trainers, creating instructions how to act in their role and lead their own teams, preparing pre assignments for participants etc.

The past year includes dozens of phone calls, online meetings, drafting materials, contacting interesting people, new friends, crazy idea generation, growing up as strategic thinker, training organizer and so much more! Definitely worth every hour I have spent! International opportunities certainly are the best what JCI can offer!

Project team in its one and only face to face meeting in Turku in July 2017. From left Sanna-Riikka Valtonen, Ringa Masalin, Tiina Naskali and Hanne Nuutinen.

Text: Ringa Masalin, JCI Aurajoki

Photo: Sanna-Riikka Valtonen


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