Multitwinning 2016

Welcome to the stunningly beautiful coastal Finland

JCI Aurajoki invites you to take part in a Ducking great Multi Twinning event in Turku, from Saturday 11th to Wednesday 15th June 2016. We welcome all friends from our twinning chapters in Birmingham, Budapest, Frankfurt, JCI Esja in Reykjavik, Leipzig and Lyon.

Embraced by the river Aura, the city of Turku was founded on the 13th century, which makes it the oldest city in Finland. Turku is known for its mesmerizingly beautiful archipelago. The shipyards of Turku are the birth place for largest cruise ships in the world. Recently Turku has been nominated as the food capital of Finland and more importantly, Turku is the home of “JCI Aurajoki Ducks”. JCI Aurajoki is an active chapter and known especially for its innovative projects, exciting events, and fun-loving members who want to have an impact on the society.

What are you waiting for?! This Multi Twinning combined with JCI European Conference in Tampere is a unique opportunity to be introduced to three Finnish cities in a week!




Sat 11th June

Welcome to Finland

Enjoy a day in Helsinki starting 8:30, join the transport from Helsinki to Turku at 17:00 or join us for dinner at 20:00.



08:30  Meeting point and luggage storage at Cumulus Hotel Meilahti

10:00  Walking tour in Suomenlinna island

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Seurasaari island

15:00  Optional – guided tour in Tamminiemi villa (price 9€/person)

17:00  Bus from Cumulus Hotel Meilahti to Turku market square

20:00  Get-together evening and dinner at Tårget

  • JCI Aurajoki President’s welcome


Sun 12th June

It’s all about the Ducks

Experience an annual tradition of JCI Aurajoki;
dozens of members joining The President’s Summer Day organized by JCI Aurajoki trial members.


11:30  Bus to the event

  • Theme: Pirates of the pool
    Dress code: we encourage dressing accordingly
  • Location: to be announced last minute

12:30  Lunch and coffee in the afternoon

17:00  Evening by the Aura river

19:00  Evening meal at Tiirikkala


Mon 13th June

Be inspired!

Innovative spaces, local design and workshop like never before.
08:30  Logomo – a center for creative business

09:00  Business Workshop and JCI Workshop

11:45  Lunch

12:30  Design Workshop

14:00  Company visit – Raisio Group

15:30  Experience the Finnish forest

18:00  Evening in the archipelago at Saunarantti

  • feel the sea, sauna and the midnight sun
  • enjoy the archipelago style dinner

23:45  Bus to city center


Tues 14th June

Turku, the oldest (and the best) city of Finland

City and the local delicacies
09:15  Reception at Turku City Hall

10:30  Ceremony – signing of JCI Esja Multi Twinning contract

11:00  Turku walking tour

12:30  Lunch

Free time

16:00  Company introduction and tasting – Kyrö Distillery

17:00  Cooking with local produce

19:00  Dinner the way you cooked it


Wed 15th June

Off to European Conference 2016 in Tampere
Free time

13:00  Bus from Turku market square to Hotel Torni (EC headquarters) in Tampere



We will offer you a chance to experience local home-hospitality or if you prefer hotel accommodation, a special price to Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone in Turku (



The Registration is Closed (The event is full).


  • Albertsson, Eyvindur Elí JCI Esja, Reykjavik
  • Birta, Katalin JCI Frankfurt
  • Bosse-Platière, Sébastien JCI Lyon Breuninger
  • Gabriele JCI Frankfurt
  • Brodehl, Axel JCI Frankfurt
  • Dominiak, Antje JCI Leipzig
  • Ellenberger, Andreas JCI Frankfurt
  • Gabler, Ruth JCI Frankfurt
  • Gericke, Ina JCI Frankfurt
  • Gericke, Jens-Peter JCI Frankfurt
  • Gunnarsdóttir, Margrét Helga JCI Esja, Reykjavik
  • Harms, Haiko JCI Frankfurt
  • Heiler, Tim JCI Frankfurt
  • Herzog, Florian JCI Frankfurt
  • Hoffmann, Falk JCI Leipzig
  • Hoffmann, Tina JCI Leipzig
  • Jónsdóttir, Heida Dögg JCI Reykjavik
  • Kozakova, Julia JCI Esja, Reykjavik
  • Maury, Jean-Baptiste JCI Lyon
  • Nolte, Melanie JCI Frankfurt
  • Montias, Carole JCI Lyon
  • Raule, Erik JCI Wiesbaden
  • Reimann, Karoline JCI Frankfurt
  • Sigurdsson, Loftur JCI Esja, Reykjavik
  • Starke, Christiane JCI Frankfurt
  • Vaismaa, Maija JCI Cosmopolis, Helsinki
  • Wilmsmann, Bianca JCI Leipzig
  • Þorkelsson, Egill Gauti JCI Esja, Reykjavik
  • Arja Virtanen JCI Espoo

For more information

Katri Suutari
Multi Twinning 2016 Project manager
Mobile: +358 505365420