JCI Southampton – Thoughts from the Duck in a foreign pond!


Minna meeting the JCI Southampton people for the first time at a General Meeting – new project leaders have now been chosen for the 2015!


Kirjoittaja: Minna Janhonen

Greetings from amazingly sunny Southampton! I have now been here a bit over three months, doing my MBA degree in International Business Management in Southampton Solent University. Last autumn, when I got the confirmation that I would really come here, I immediately contacted the local Junior Chamber via Facebook and Twitter. What I got as a response, was a bunch of enthusiastic welcome wishes! Social media is in very active role here when it comes to communication. Since last autumn I have been building my international JCI network over here, first by exchanging tweets and now actually being here as a part of the community.

My first event that I attended here, was a general meeting, where JCI Southampton chose the committee for this (2015) year. I really have felt that I am welcomed to all of the events. Since this first meeting I have also been to New Members Evening, A Thirstday Social Event and ‘How to become a world-class networker’- training. There has been many others, too, but obviously I haven’t been able to attend all of them.


Minna Janhonen and Flavia Iona mingling at the New Members Evening.

JCI Southampton is a quite a bit smaller chamber than JCI Aurajoki, but it is very active and outgoing: despite, or even because of the size, it is very nimble, and engaged with many of the local businesses and organizations. The people I have met so far, are fun, positive and ambitious. They have a strong urge and commitment for developing both themselves as well as the chamber. JCI Southampton feels welcoming: it is international chamber with members from at least Norway, France, UK, Romania.. and now from Finland, too!

I have enjoyed getting to know these JCI colleagues over here. There certainly is room for us to learn from them, and they seem to be keen on getting to know us better, too. My “JCI exchange” has been eye opening and fun, and I am sure that these friendships I have built here will have a long lasting impact. Of course there has been a bit of homesickness to my own dear “Duck-chamber”, yet it has been nice to follow the actions of my own, yellow chamber via social media and newsletter. It seems that you are also doing very well over there! I am eagerly waiting for the new strategy proposal, and I will do my best that I could be there to attend the ‘Chairman’s Summer Day’ in the beginning of June.

With this post I want to wish you, my dear ducks, and excellent spring!


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