JCI Aurajoki was shortlisted in top 3 at Best Global Goals -project category

At @jciec2019 which is an area conference of 25 000 active members and citizens JCI Aurajoki was shortlisted in top 3 at Best Global Gloas -project category! ūüí™Yes! Jihaa! ūüź•‚̧

On World Cleanup Day 15.9.2018 Aurajoki organized an event with scientific part and panel discussion on microplastics in waterways in the Skanssi shopping center in Turku. The objective of the World Cleaning Day is to create a real positive change towards a clean and healthy planet.

The media provides a lot of information about the plastic problem in the world, including microplastics. It is not generally known that tire dust from cars is classified as microplastic. The road materials and the road marking masses also generates microplastic, which rain and snow water takes via ditches to water. We do not currently have urban water treatment systems, so the microplastics from the tires end up in rivers, lakes and seas. It is estimated that 60% of microplastics in waters are caused by traffic and car tires waste.

With the project, we wanted to raise awareness of the topic and influence residents and legislators, entrepreneurs in the area, and make people demand better solutions for preventing (micro) plastics from entering the water. Niina Vieno, PhD from @Laki ja Vesi held the scientific part of the event. Sami Nikander, MD of the Rubber Industries Association, Mirva Levomäki, MD of Turku Region Cleaning Company Ltd (@Turunseudunpuhdistamo), and Saija Saarni of the University of Turku (@uniturku) were the panelists at the event.

Sustainable development decision making requires broad participation of all sectors of society. Ducking great! ūüź•ūüź•ūüź•

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