Greetings from JCI ASPAC 2019!

After almost a decade of being a JCI member, I participated in JCI Asia-Pacific Conference 2019 at Jeju, Korea representing JCI Aurajoki as local president. My experience with among the 6300+ delegates was amazing, and I was able to collect JCI knowledge, business contacts, new friends and fellowship. My first Asia-Pacific conference was sincerely a blast and totally different than European and world congresses I have participated before!

The happiest moments in Jaycee life are departures into unknown. I was delighted from the coaching atmosphere and the goal-orientation of people. It was so nice to be part of this. From my point of view this feeling among members was genuine. Networking and coaching atmosphere was something for anyone who can see the possibility of what you could be in their life, business, or community, and desire to become the person that they need to be in order to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Opening Ceremony

As you might know I am especially passionate about supporting women, female entrepreneurs and leaders. In #jciaspac2019 there was a lot of program related to this topic, e.g. a workshop to “Close the Gender Gap” and the topic of “Empowering Unwed Mothers in Korea,” which the Ban Ki-Moon Centre co-organized with the Intree forum, an unwed mothers’ club in Korea, and the Seoul Young Leaders Club of Rotary. The session aimed to address existing social stigma as well as societal and political challenges faced by unwed mothers in Korean society.

This led to me thinking that one should bear in mind what JCI is all about. JCI’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skill, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurship necessary to create positive change. This influencing starts with yourself. Everybody can affect many things in many ways. I believe influencing is based on activity, the common interest of individuals and groups to do something to the subject they feel important. Only participating in the activity can affect things.

Surround yourself with passionate people

If you wish to surround yourself with passionate people; you should definitely participate to JCI area conferences abroad. Exchange of ideas, multilingual atmosphere and an emphasis on international collaboration, is something were a fertile ground for new ideas and opportunities is born. I believe this is also a difference between European countries and Asia-Pacific area. Seems to me, that European JCI members are more focused on personal development rather than impact and community projects. I believe this something were we have a lot of to learn. Impact and community projects doesn´t mean only charity. With right mindset for personal development, business and leadership, combined with concrete impact goals, we could do so much more with respect to positive change in our community for better tomorrow and opportunities to life changing impact.

Finnish dreamteam

I wish to thank you, Conference Organizing Committee, JCI Seogwipo members, members of JCI Korea International Affairs team, all the senior and active members of JCI Korea and external supporters. Thank you! I am so happy participants were able to discover not only a new location with its surroundings, but also learn about traditions and culinary specialties Jeju island. Time was exciting and I am thankful to all crew members of JCI Korea. The experience of your warm and hearty welcome from first steps until the end was superb.

Best travel companions from JCI Aurajoki, JCI Jyväskylä, JCI Keurusselkä, JCI Oulu, JCI Savonlinna and JCI Tampere.

I also enjoyed JCI Network training and Behavioral Intelligence workshop. Thank you Jay Johnson (JCI USA), JCI Vice President for Europe. This workshop was amazing with respect to increasing influence, improving sales and negotiating deals. I think it is really interesting to utilize communication, psychology, and neuroscience to become the best behaviorally intelligent person you can be.

JCI Networking with Juha Herrainsilta, Maria Arjonen and Aleksi Graf

Behavioral Intelligence workshop

Dinner with local president Lim Chae Sung / 임채성 from JCI Dongkwangyang was sincere and a really nice experience. I wish to compliment Lim Chae Sung on a beautifully set table, the delicious food, and the delightful conversation. I was so happy to meet you and your crew.

Local president Lim Chae Sung from JCI Dongkwangyang and Maria Arjonen from JCI Aurajoki

National nights from JCI Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Hongkong was amazing and lifetime memorable. Getting international experience and JCI knowledge under guardianship of other Finnish members was extra milestone to sharpen my mindset. Thanks to our team for your great support to encourage me to be more active and better person.

Last but not least I would like to share the intoxicating scent of pure magic and cooperation with FinEst Jaycee’s to promote world congress in Tallinn 2019. This team was incredible, and I wish to see you all in JCI World Congress Pure Magic! 4-8th of November 2019 Tallinn.

Promoting WC 2019, Tallinn

I wish to encourage you trial members, members and experienced Jaycees to participate. I believe jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul. At least once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.

Maria Arjonen

local president, 2019

The task of the local president is to develop, coordinate and manage the association and the activities of its members and to represent the association. The local president also ensures the implementation of the strategic goals, prepares the action plan and budget in cooperation with the government and compiles the activity report.

Maria Arjonen, M.Sc. (Law), works as a lawyer at Law and Water Ltd. The company provides legal and technical advice to water utilities, municipalities and industrial companies. Maria is responsible of legal matters.

pres [at]

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